Truecaller, a popular caller identification service, has announced that it will soon integrate its service with WhatsApp and other messaging applications to help users identify potential spam calls over the internet. The company’s CEO, Alan Mamedi, revealed that the feature is currently in beta testing and will be available globally later this month.

Rising Spam Calls in India

Telemarketing and scam calls have become increasingly common in countries like India, where the average user receives roughly 17 spam calls per month, according to a 2021 report by Truecaller. In response, India’s telecom regulator has directed carriers to start blocking telemarketing calls using artificial intelligence filters. Truecaller has also been in discussions with telecom operators to implement similar solutions.

Spam Calls on WhatsApp

In recent weeks, Truecaller has seen a spike in user reports from India about spam calls over WhatsApp. The popular messaging platform is the most widely used in India and uses spam detection technology to identify and take action against accounts engaging in abnormal behavior. Users can also block and report problematic accounts.

Truecaller’s Role in India

India is Truecaller’s biggest market with 250 million users, and the company earns revenue from advertising, subscription services, and verified business listings. Truecaller’s caller identification service has become an essential tool for Indian users to combat spam calls and identify unknown callers, and the integration with WhatsApp will further enhance its capabilities.

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